Mohammad Saeed Abaee

 Mohammad Saeed  Abaee
Address :Research Building
Tel :(+98) 21 44787749
Fax :(+98) 21 44787785
Mobile :(+98) 912 3181671
Email :abaee@ccerci.ac.ir
Professor of Organic Chemistry
Faculty member of Organic Chemistry Department

M. Saeed Abaee obtained his M.Sc. from the University of Tehran working on photoisomerization of thiopyran heterocycles. He then worked for two years at the Department of the Environment of Iran before he was awarded with scholarship for Ph.D. studies in Canada in 1994. At the University of Saskatchewan, he studied the self-assembly of dienes, dienophiles, and Lewis acids in Diels-Alder reactions under the supervision of Professor Dale Ward. After graduation in 1999, he was appointed as an assistant professor at the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research center of Iran (CCERCI). He is currently Professor of Organic Chemistry at CCERCI, Faculty of Organic Chemistry and Natural Products. His research interests include the study of Lewis acid catalyzed reactions, thiopyran heterocycles, and environmental chemistry.

Research Interests:
-Lewis acid catalysis
-Heterocyclic Chemistry
-Diels-Alder Reactions

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