Mozaffar Shakeri

 Mozaffar Shakeri
Address :Engineering Building
Tel :(+98) 21 44787720-40
Mobile :(+98) 910 7816938
Email :shakeri.mozaffar@gmail.com
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Faculty member of Petroleum Engineering Department

Mozaffar Shakeri received his B.Eng. degree in Chemical Engineering from Sahand University of Technology and M.Eng. in Chemical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology , Iran in 2001. He completed his Ph.D. with Prof. Makoto Shoda in 2007 at Tokyo Institute of Technology working on application of confined biocatalysts in nanoporous materials for advanced water treatment. After a short postdoctoral stay at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Kyushu University, working on application of confined biocatalysts in nanomaterials for fine chemical synthesis, he joined the group of Prof. Jan-Erling Backvall at the Department of Organic Chemistry at Stockholm University in Sweden (2008) where he worked on combined biocatalysts and chemical catalysts (metal complexes and metal nanoparticles) to synthesize enantiopure chiral organic molecules. Next, he joined the Krijn group at Utrecht University (2011) working on synthesis, engineering and sizing nanoreactors to control performance of confined catalysts for fine chemicals. Currently he is Assistant Professor doing on heterogeneous catalysis for petrochemistry at the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran in Tehran.

Research Interests:
My main research interest is tailoring nanomaterials to make stable, selective, and active heterogeneous catalysts and seeking their application in synthesis of fine and bulk chemicals.
-Design of nanostructured materials (nanoreactors) for targeted applications such as confinement of homogeneous catalysts, metal nanocatalysts, and separation.
-Tailoring physicochemical properties of nanomaterials e.g., zeolites to control over their catalytic performance.
-Catalytic reactions of heterogeneous catalysts in fine and bulk chemical synthesis.
-Combined biological and chemical catalysts for challenging reactions e.g., biomass conversion into chemicals.
-Catalytic treatment of water and wastewater by the use of heterogeneous catalysis.


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