Azam Akbari

 Azam Akbari
Address :Engineering building
Tel :(+98) 21 44787720-40
Fax :(+98) 21 44787781
Mobile :(+98) 912 5990169
Email :a.akbari@ccerci.ac.ir

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Faculty member of Petroleum Engineering Department

Postdoctoral Position                                                        

Dr. Azam Akbari holds Ph.D. and M.S.  degrees in Chemical Engineering  from Tarbiat Modares University (TMU) in Tehran, Iran.  She joined the Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran (CCERCI) in 2017. Her PhD project involved "Catalytic oxidative deep desulfurization of diesel using ultrasound”, under supervision of Professor Mohammad Reza Omidkhah and Professor Jafar Towfighi Darian as advisor. Her areas of research have been concerned with catalyst synthesis, characterization, heterogeneous catalytic processes and reactor design (Chemical Reaction Engineering). She has been working as a process engineer in direct reduction plants at MMTE (Mines & Metals Technology Engineering) Company in Tehran, Iran. Her current research is focused on oxidation of propylene to acrylic acid over mixed oxide catalysts.

Currently Dr. Azam Akbari is working as an assistant professor in petroleum department of Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran (CCERCI). 

Research Interests:

-Heterogeneous catalytic reactions

-Deep desulfurization of fuels (by oxidation, extraction or adsorption)

-Design and construction of the experimental catalyst research set up and    process optimization for petrochemical processes

Researches on the catalytic petrochemical processes such as partial oxidation of propylene to value-added products are interested. Design and construction of an experimental multi-purpose catalyst research setup (catatest), technology monitoring, synthesis, characterization and application of catalysts, experimentation and process optimization are our current research projects in collaboration with Professor Mohammad Reza Omidkhah. In addition, the research on the oxidative desulfurization of diesel fuel is interested as another research field by Dr. Akbari.


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