Aliakbar Tarlani

 Aliakbar Tarlani
Address :Research building
Tel :(+98) 21 44787720
Fax :(+98) 21 44788454
Email :Tarlani@ccerci.ac.ir
Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Faculty member of Inorganic Chemistry Department


Ph.D.               2001-2006 (Tehran University)

Investigation of supported heteropoly acids on metallic and nonmetallic oxides.

(Financial supported also by Iranian Nanotechnology Initiative Council).

Under supervision of Prof. M. Abedini, Prof. M. M. Amini

Field: Inorganic Chemistry

Sabbatical     2006 (Université de Reims, France)

Under supervision of Prof. Jacques Muzart (L'équipe de Catalyse)

M.S.              1999-2001 (Tehran University)

Investigation of thermal stability of Dawson heteropoly acid on gamma alumina prepared by sol-gel method

Under supervision of Prof. M. Abedini,  Prof.M.M. Amini

Field: Inorganic Chemistry

B.S.            1995-1999 (Tehran University)

Field: Applied chemistry

Research Interest:

-Synthesis of inorganic microporous and mesoporous materials and (mixed) metal oxide nanostructures

-Catalysis in organic synthesis and petrochemical processes as well as photocatalysis.

-Super acid and super base compounds.

-Biosensors of ions and biomolecules.

-Drug delivery systems (chemical and herbal drugs).

-Pollution (heavy metal, poisonous organic dye and NOx) removal from environment.

 -Green chemistry and surface chemistry


  • Distinguished Researcher of CCERCI (2013)
  • Best poster (4th International Congress on Nanoscience & Nanotechnology–ICNN2012. 8-10 September 2012,University of Kashan,(Iran)



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