Kioumars Aghapoor

 Kioumars Aghapoor
Address :012 Research Building
Tel :(+98) 21 44787720-40
Fax :(+98) 21 44787812
Email :aghapoor@ccerci.ac.ir
Assistant Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Faculty member of Inorganic Chemistry Department

Kioumars Aghapoor was born in 1956 in Behshahr (Iran). He received his M.Sc. in Inorganic Chemistry from Siegen University (Germany) in 1992 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. H. D. Lutz investigating on ternary and quaternary diagram phase of lithium halides. He started working at CCERCI in 1993 on various industrial and academic fields. He received his Ph.D. equivalent under the supervision of Prof. M. M. Amini and Prof. K. Jadidi from Shahid Beheshti University (Iran) in 2013 researching on the synthesis, characterization and catalytic performance of chiral amino acids immobilized on MCM-41. He is currently Assistant Professor of Department of Inorganic Chemistry at CCERCI (Applied Chemicals Synthesis Laboratory). His research interests include organocatalysis, synthesis of bioactive compounds using heterogeneous catalytic approaches and development of immobilized micro- and mesoporous materials for environmental applications.

Research Interests:
- Preparation & characterization of heterogeneous catalysts and their application in the synthesis of heterocycles of pharmaceutical importance
- Mesoporous solid supports
- Nanostructured materials
- Organocatalysis
- Mineral Extraction

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