Ehsan Ghanaei

 Ehsan  Ghanaei
Address :Petroleum Engineering Department
Tel :(+98) 21 44787973
Mobile :(+98) 9153149305
Email :ghanaei@ccerci.ac.ir
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Faculty member of Petroleum Engineering Department

Dr. Ehsan Ghanaei holds a BSc from Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST) in Chemical Engineering, MSc and PhD from Shiraz University in Chemical Engineering with focused on Petroleum Reservoir Engineering courses and researches. He studied on the wax precipitation in petroleum fluids in pipelines and petroleum reservoir conditions as the MSc and PhD theses. Also, during the study at Shiraz University, he studied on the rheological behavior of crude oil under the effect of wax precipitation, asphaltene deposition in oil reservoir due to CO2 injection as an Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) method, hydrate formation, advanced approximate methods applied in reservoir simulation and setting up the apparatuses related to petroleum reservoir engineering such as recombination, pre-saturator, core flooding and PVT cell at high pressure condition. He joined Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Research Center of Iran (CCERCI) from 2017. Currently, he works on the oil phase behavior under the effect of different EOR methods.

Research Interests:
- Phase Behavior of Petroleum Fluids
- Thermodynamics of Wax, Asphaltene and Hydrate formation in Petroleum Fluids
- Petroleum Reservoir Simulation
- Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods
- Fluid Mechanics of Porous Media
- Advanced Mathematical Methods applied in Transport Phenomena Modeling and Reservoir Simulation
- Rheological Behavior of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids

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