Inorganic Chemistry

Welcome to the Department of Inorganic Chemistry

We encourage you to read more about our research interest:

  • Coordination chemistry of group X and XI metals.
  • Design and synthesis of multi-functional and -podal N,S-heterocycles.
  • Investigation on metal/ metal oxide nanostructures.
  • Synthesis of Aza-crowns and their corresponding complexes.
  • synthesis of anticancer platinum drugs.
  • Synthesis of inorganic microporous and mesoporous materials and (mixed) metal oxide nanostructures.
  • Catalysis in organic synthesis and petrochemical processes as well as photocatalysis.
  • Super acid and super base compounds.
  • Biosensors of ions and biomolecules.
  • Drug delivery systems (chemical and herbal drugs).
  • Pollution (heavy metal, poisonous organic dye and NOx) removal from environment. 
  • Green chemistry and surface chemistry.
  • Surface functionalization of crystalline materials and exploring their application in nano motors.
  • structural and spectroscopic understanding of multi-copper active sites through biomimetic synthesis.
  • Systematic synthesis and thorough characterization of discrete organotin.
  • Preparation & characterization of heterogeneous catalysts and their application in the synthesis of heterocycles of pharmaceutical importance.
  • Mesoporous solid supports.
  • Nanostructured materials.
  • Organocatalysis.
  • Mineral Extraction.
  • Synthesis of Bio-Inspired Porous Materials.
  • Synthesis of Nanostructured Inorganic Materials.
  • Heterogeneous Catalysts and Metal-Free Catalysts in Oxidation Biodiesel Production.
  • Catalytic Treatment of Wastewater.
  • Supercapacitors and Biosensors.
  • Nanomaterials in Preservation of Cultural Heritages.



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