Research at CCERCI

The Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Center of IRAN (CCERCI) is dedicated to excellence in research, and public service.

The mission of CCERCI is to advance knowledge and the synergies between research and entrepreneurship through innovation and technological based discovery. Currently, CCERCI is comprised of 5 departments. Our research specialties are in Inorganic, Organic, Computational, Analytical and Oil/petroleum Chemistry.

Research in these departments are collaborative and interdisciplinary. Overarching goals of ongoing research projects include developing nanotechnology and novel advanced materials for a myriad of applications, and unraveling problems associated with devising new, alternative sources of energy. Research performed by 47 faculty members, graduate and post-doctoral associates resulted in more than 240 national patents and 1000 research base articles.

Our reputation as the main chemistry and chemical engineering research center brought outstanding students to learn more about research and provides them with the opportunity to work in laboratories under the direction of expert faculty members.

CCERCI houses a number of multi-disciplinary and collaborative research labs including Biocatalysis, Chemical Theory, Inorganometallic Catalyst Design lab, Nano-Materials as well as advance catalyst research lab.

Our researchers have access to a number of outstanding facilities including the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) Laboratory and X-Ray Crystallographic Laboratory, housed in the CCERCI central lab.

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